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"This site represents Much the same information as, just a different type of web page. This is one of the styles I have been working on. Single page, responsive. Built for mobile device use. I hope you like it."

Thanks for visiting my site! Before we go anywhere, I have to make a point. I am not keen on PHP MVC Frameworks. I know how they work, I have used all of them and I can not see the point in the modern world of responsive design and AJaXy - AngularJS types of design. Also frameworks encourage people to write messy code. So if you have a CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Xii or Zend Framework task in mind, the code had better be clean. Seriously, the dozen or so projects I have worked on that tried to build an application using one of these systems all went the same way. First three weeks were just DANDY! Then when the application started to get complex, the design fell in a heap, leaving non-working, un-maintainable code. I also NO LONGER do Java (love Javascript) because it is fat, old, slow and ugly. I don't do Haskell, Ruby, Scala or F# for very similar reasons. Now that we have covered what I DON'T do, let's have a look at what I DO do!

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The stuff down below is some music I have gathered to have a play with the HTML5 audio object. With luck, the music SHOULD play on any device (if I have my code correct that is!). I am supposed to cut some of my own tracks for here using the BRAND NEW Gibson SG!!!! I will very shortly Darling Annie!!!


Gun - ZHU

Thirsty Eye

Pickles from the Jar

All Night

Cross Eyed Woman

Death Grips

PHP OOD/OOP Development

PHP has been my major weapon of choice for over a decade now. It is a simple and elegant little language that is MESSED UP on a regular basis by people trying to be too clever by half. KISS. When used properly PHP allows us to develop modular, reliable and easy to maintain source code for applications small and large. I would think that PHP represent around 75% of my total work to date.

Modern Perl Development

I LOVE Perl! I had the opportunity to code a small system just recently for OzLotto that allowed me to use Modern Perl. Perl is already fantastic. The Moose Libraries just make it a whole heap (sic) better. I am using Modern Perl (and R) in some Bioinformatics studies I am currently undertaking. Good fun!

HTML5 - CSS3 - Javascript Development

Goes without saying really, but unless you spell it out, the people that infest the HR departments of the Yooniverse get all confused, twisted and bitter. I am well experienced in HTML (of all flavours, I concentrate on HTML5 these days), CSS3, responsive Web design for mobile devices. I am having a lot of fun learning and exploring the CSS3 transitions and animations. Some play code is HERE. Having a play and a think about how more interactive choices could be made in a UI design!

Again I can not see how anyone could AVOID Javascript. I have had several years coding both native Javascript and jQuery framework. I enjoy them both.


I have ALWAYS been the administrator of my development machines. In a number of roles I have been hired purely as a systems administrator. My skills include UNIX (Solaris, AIX, BSD, HP-UX), Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, UBUNTU, Centos), VMWare, VirtualBox, BASH, ksh, Perl, Python, monitoring, patch administration, backup implementation, operation, testing and recovery.

Very experienced SQL coder in many flavours. They are all pretty much a muchness. I spent a good deal of time coding in ORACLE PL/SQL, most notably for the Australian Bureau of Statistics on the new (2006) implementation of the population demographic collection and analysis software.

If nothing else, versatile, here are a few things you seldom see in a Web developers CV. SUPERCOMPUTERS! I was lucky enough to be allowed on a course that uses Tulip, the biggest and fastest super computer in the country, 170,000 cores. Master class sponsered by SGI and Charles Stuart University. And, "Sciency" stuff in the R Programming language. Part of my Data Scientist specialisation at Johns Hopkins University. Neat hey?

I hope you had a nice visit. Come back soon.

This is one page of two at the moment. You may have seen my other page just now! If not, it is a more traditional shape and contains a lot more links to my work. Here is a very recent example of another one page/landing page/micro-site at The Consternation

I completed degrees (post grad) in engineering and IT in the past. The last attendance in person being 1992. So possibly no longer relevant. Details in my LONG CV! Recently I have been making use of Web based distance education a great deal. A link to some of my recent results can be found HERE. I am committed so far to another two years consisting of Biology, Epidemiology and Education studies. I have an idea that my IT future will probably be either in the Life Sciences or Education fields. I am still interested in mainstream coding. Looking at Bioinformatic and Educational software tells me that they need help; right now! The ability to be creative in a position very welcome. Open for offers!

When I am not coding or studying, I surf, play guitar and sometimes ride a pushie. I drive a white truck!